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About Caribbean Gourmet Delicacies

Caribbean Gourmet Delicacies is a home based business located in the beautiful and popular city of Picton in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. After moving to Picton in 2008, it became apparent that Caribbean foods were not available.

As a Trinidadian and having lived in the City of Toronto where Caribbean foods were easily accessible , I have to admit that I really missed the taste of the Caribbean in Prince Edward County. Of course, I cooked Caribbean meals at home specifically Trinidadian dishes to which I owe much of my love and influence for these great meals and desserts to my Mom's cooking.

However I thought it would be a great idea to introduce "A Taste of the Caribbean in the County" to the residents and tourists who frequent this beautiful region of Ontario.

It started out with preparing and serving Caribbean dishes to friends and giving Christmas gifts of the Trinidad traditional Christmas "Black" cake (a scrumptious rum/fruit cake) and a bottle of one of the many traditional Christmas beverages, "Sorrel". A good friend also suggested entering a juried annual Arts and Crafts event to sell the rum/fruit cakes and I have been selling and taking orders ever since.

In addition to the cakes, I have endeavoured to include: my signature "Meat Pies" - individual and family size pies with a variety of curry meats and, vegetarian fillings. I also make and sell hot pepper sauce, sugar cakes (coconut cakes), sweetbread (coconut bread), cupcakes, pelau and roti.

As a Cake Artisan, (once again highly influenced by my Mom's creative and artistic flair for decorating beautiful cakes), I enjoy baking and decorating cakes for every occasion. My specialty however is wedding cakes specifically the traditional rum/fruit cakes covered with homemade almond paste (to prevent seepage of the rum soaked fruits) and decorated with fondant and hand crafted decorations.

Caribbean Gourmet Delicacies also offers catering service for special events with a Caribbean theme.

Sandra Maria Perez,

Any inquiries? Call us at (613) 503 4855.